Sunday, February 2, 2014

I'm still here!

As is common, it's been a while between updates.. Since being sick in early December, the team has had a solid block of racing, including the LSL Supercrit, Bay Crits, Nationals, and then the Tour Down Under Santos Women's Cup.
Post race coffee with Kimbers! @LSL Supercrit
For a blow by blow on all of the racing, head over to the team blog - Some written by me, some by other members of the team, so a good varied perspective!
Warming up for Bay crits
Just like the Bundy days 'Safety First!'
For me, things perked up a little after being sick, but I was still no where near where I wanted to be by the time Jan 2nd and the first race at Bay Crits rolled around. I had a really disappointing 4 days, grovelling to just stay with the race as opposed to last year being involved in all of last years races. I tried to dust myself off for Nationals, and things did pick up, getting through the crit easily, however with a distinct lack in confidence which made me a very placid participant. The road race started out ok, by half way through I was feeling alright, yet the 6th time up the climb a small crash happened in front of me which resulted in needing to unclip. Didn't panic, however an attack went at the same time, and the chase back on hurt. It pretty much used up all I had, and so when we hit the climb on the 7th time and the attacks started, I was out the back. Found a small group and made it to the finish, disappointed but at the same time accepting that based on how I'd been riding a week earlier, it was an ok result.

Onwards and Upwards was my motto for the following week, which included some fun rides with James and Jake before they headed off to Europe to start their season in France. The body seemed to be responding to the racing well, and it made me keen as to get to Adelaide and race again.

I headed over on the 46 degree day to get there early and get some treatment for the crooked feeling I've been having. John at the Smart Centre in Adelaide squeezed me in and set about straightening me out. I had a fun ride with the crew from Bike Society, John, the Melbourne Specialized girls and guys, Hannah GG, Carla followed by Coffee down by the beach in Glenelg, and then went out with Carlee & Vale to Greenhill road, just because I could! One of the funnest nights/BBQ's i've been to in a long time Friday for Hannah's 21st, and I was loving life and things were grand.
Double Parked on the Slurpee's trying to cool down in the 40+ Heat
Team ride pre race in Adelaide along the beautiful Adelaide beach
The rest of the team arrived on Saturday and Sunday to race, and we had a nice team roll, chill out and then headed in to the center of Adelaide to hit the course! I thought I was feeling good, and managed to get myself right up the front for the start, only to discover I'd picked up something in my tyre in the warm up and had a flat. 5 mins before the start. Shimano Spares to the rescue, and I got a spare wheel in with about a minute to spare. It took me about 10 minutes to work into the race, and just as I was starting to feel good and move back up to where I needed to be, a crash happened that wiped across the road. I aimed wide around it, but was cleaned up from the side/behind and went charging into the barriers, landing on my shoulder. It wasn't obvious to start with, however I knew something wasn't right. I'd had the wave of 'I need to sit down or I'm going to pass out or vomit' before.. 3.5 years ago when I broke my collarbone. Off in the Ambulance with a green whistle, and a couple of hours later it was confirmed I'd broken it again.
And that was the end of my TDU week plans. My next 8 weeks worth of plans to be exact..
The team all together before the last race of the Adelaide series.. With me as chief supporter
Thanks to the help of some amazing friends, I was lined up with a leading shoulder surgeon in Melbourne within a couple of days. More amazing friends drove my car home for me, so I could fly back to have surgery. I was dropped off at the hospital, picked up the next day, taken for breakfast & lunch, and then delivered safely back home to sleep off the surgery and pain. I am so grateful for the people in my life who've helped me this past 2 weeks. From the help getting home and patched up, the messages of support, the offers of 'a hand' & for just generally keeping me occupied and laughing whilst I can't ride my bike. Thank you :-)

And of course thank you so much to our sponsors - Specialized, Securitor, Capo & Adidas Eyewear. Lizzie Pou our Team Manager who puts in hours of work to organise everything for us, and Mick & Peter Pou who are always there to cheer! (when Petey isn't sleeping of course..)
The crash.. that on the left is my leg and bike....

Another Angle.. Blatantly stolen photo.. So inelegant, yet it brought lots of laughs to me.. 


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