Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Things move so fast, yet so slow

Well it's been a big couple of weeks.. I've gone from building up slowly and not working a whole heap, to 2 big weeks of training, then this week working some almost full days! Wow.

The last 2 weeks i've been to the Dandenongs 3 times and Kinglake once. I'm all about building strength at the moment. All the road racing coming up is Hilly, so I need to get good at hills! And I am getting there.. I can drop Lockwood up a big long hill, although I don't think he was trying very hard.. I'll take the win though!

On top of that I've spent a couple of afternoon's at PMP training some new girls that have started. Surprisingly I haven't forgotten everything I knew, and it was kind of nice how much they actually appreciated what I was able to teach them! It's also a little bit nice to feel how valued I/my knowledge was there.. They say that no one is irreplaceable, but for them to get me back in to run some training says they at least miss me a bit! hehe.

St Kilda fest on Sunday was a messy affair.. I didn't eat enough after my 5 hours on the bike, drink White Wine which really goes to my head, and ended up feeling very sick for the following 24 hours. Massive memory loss and some really bad text messages to 3 or 4 people that I don't even remember sending, and it's reminded me why I don't drink very often. Time to get back on that wagon..

Still tired from the hangover, but lucky it's an easy week. Time for an 8pm bed time tonight and hopefully ready to rock and roll and nice easy cruise in the morning!