Monday, March 24, 2014

Exciting News!

Well, finally all the paperwork is done.. The Visa is approved, the flights booked, the International Licence is in the mail, so it’s time to announce my exciting plans for 2014!

This year I’ve been lucky enough to sign for the Georgia based Garneau Factory Team -
I head off in just over 2 weeks, and whilst the form is lacking after my broken collarbone incident, I’m excited to get over there and to experience the amazing race culture I’ve heard so much about from all my friends who’ve raced there! I'm sure I'll get race fit pretty quick after what I've heard of how fast the crits are!

Plus, anyone that knows me, will know that the team kit is perfect for me -

Follow the team blog on our website, or the team twitter @LGFactoryTeam, for up to date info and race reports. I’ll still be blogging and keeping you updated on here too, and trying to keep a bit more consistency in updates over the 6 months that I’ll be away!