Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Life udpate!

So what the hell has been happening?? So much!

Here's the overview -

America is awesome. The people, the places, the weather. The food. Oh, the food.

The racing is fast and furious, and mostly fun. There's a few gremlins in my head still, but I know the 'spark' is still there.

There's been plenty of crits, and a few road races. I managed to win a sprint jersey & come 2nd overall at the SRS Albany race, round 1 of a series, however unfortunately I'm not going to be able to defend as the team will be at North Star GP in Minneapolis.

We raced last weekend at the Parx Casino Philly Classic, which didn't go as well as hoped, but it was a pretty awesome experience. The crowds were amazing. 'The Wall' was insane. For the Melbournites - picture Yarra St, but stretch it a good 3 x longer. Repeat 5 times at race pace, entering from close to a standstill due to the technical turns beforehand. Yep, ouch.

Then it was off to Canada for the GP Cyclist Gatineau, another UCI 1.1, things improved for this one and the team worked amazingly and Flavia managed to get in the winning break. A photo finish later and she was announced 2nd! I tried to help Joanie for the sprint, and moved her up, where she managed to take 11th. Happy days!

Now we're in Minneapolis, Minnesota ahead of the North Star GP (used to be Nature Valley). It's an NRC race and all the top teams are set to be there so it should be good fun! It's been so long since I did a proper stage race, it'll be interesting to see how the legs go over 5 days, 1 x TT, 2 x Road Races & 3x Crits! Let's hope this year there aren't any tornado's to cause stage cancellations....

Walking in to a host house with a good coffee machine, everyone sighs in relief.


It's official. Chipolte post mountains ride beats Moes - any day.

Loving the riding here!

Just some post ride snake wrangling... ummmm... MERICA
At least the long car journey to Canada was done in relative comfort!