Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jayco Bay Classic

There’s so many race reports flying around on,, etc dealing with the specifics of each race, so just a quick report and thank you from me..

First of all, a Massive Thank You to Nigel, Nadine and Brett from Bicycle Superstore for all their help this past 4 days of racing. Having been involved with the Bay Crits many times over the years, they decided to be a part of the race again, this time with a Womens team only. Nat, Nikki, Liz, Sophie & I all appreciated the help you guys provided and we had such a fun weekend! Speaking of the girls, thanks to you guys for such a fun weekend! It was great meeting you all and can't wait to catch up with you at all of the races over the coming months!

Thanks to Dean and Jen for letting me stay at their place for the weekend! And a huge Congratulations to the both of them for getting engaged in front of the huge audience at the Ritchie Blvd Hot Dog crit on the 3rd night!! Big hugs to you both :)
I had a bit of an up and down 4 days.. The first 3 races I was reasonably happy with, but the 4th race was really tough on me mentally. I had a shocker and I’ve spent the majority of today trying to talk myself out of the slump I’m in. It’s hard when you need a pep talk when you’re the person who normally does the pep talking..

But I’ve remembered that’s one of the great things about bike racing. Whilst you might only be as good as your last race.. The next race is usually only a few days away where you can redeem yourself!

So that’s where it’s at. The Australian Nationals start tonight with a Crit in Ballarat. Good luck to everyone who’s racing, I’ll be thinking of you all.. Then it’s off to Ballarat tomorrow afternoon for us to get ready to race on Saturday!

If you’re coming up to watch, the women’s race starts at 1:30pm.. For something different I’ll be out of Black and White and will be rocking the Bicycle Superstore kit, so keep an eye out for me and be sure to give me a push up the hill!