Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How time flies when you're having fun!

So it's been 5 weeks now since I've been home, almost 6 weeks since the accident.. What am I up to? Am I back riding again yet? What are my plans for the future...? Did my cycling dreams get shattered along with my collarbone?

Well, let's begin with the most important - Back Riding? You BETCHA!
It started 5 days post op with a 30 min spin on a Watt Bike at Cafe Velocino in Black Rock, and quickly progressed from there. By 3 weeks post op I'd done a 30 min spin outside and haven't looked back since! Been back on the road for 2 weeks and am loving it  :-D.

And what about the Future? What does that hold?
Well, everything ties in together.. Last week I started back at work.. No, not at Degani, back to PMP! 9 Months after I walked out of the Clayton office assuring everyone I would be back, but seceretly thinking I wouldn't be, there I was.. In Suit & Heels and ready to play the role of Corporate Barbie once again. Surprisingly I'm enjoying it! Whilst it's not a new challenge, it's an old Challenge reinvigorated.. It seems I just needed a break from the 'Same Old' and have come back with new enthusiasm. It helps that I was asked to come back, and that I feel I'm valued and needed. I feel that I've grown up a bit, but I also know that I don't need to prove myself. I've already done that. Now I can just go about my work, getting things done day by day, and cleaning up the mess that seems to have been created. I guess I'm coming in as the Saviour.. No pressure or anything! hah.
And it also helps that I have a bit of flexibility to still pursue my cycling Goals. This was the one box that had to be ticked before I agreed to come back, and thankfully PMP have come to the party.

So no, my dreams haven't been shattered. Quite the opposite. I've just had more spare time and recovery time to let them grow and as such, I find that I'm out there with so much more motivation than I had before.. And I'm not even 'Training' yet! I'm just getting fit so I can start training on Monday when I go back On The Program with Supercoach Stu! I've been told I'm in for a rough 7 weeks leading in to the Tour of Bright.. But I'm itching to get on with it! And only 3 more weeks before I'm allowed to start racing again.. Yay!

So the plan at this stage is Tour of Bright at the start of December, and then Nationals in Jan.... Then I want to do the TDU Races that have just been announced!

Summer, Training, Racing, Falling asleep at my desk of an afternoon from all the above... Bring it On!!!