Friday, June 10, 2011

It's that time of year again!

The Queens Birthday Long Weekend in June has long held host to a number of clubs around Victoria hosting the ‘3 Day Tour’. Historically, the weather is always freezing cold, the wind is always blowing, and regardless of how fit you are, it’s a suffer fest only endured by the ‘Hard Men’.
This year the Northern Combine are again hosting women’s specific grades, both A & B, with 12 women lining up to contest the A Grade title.

My memories of last years Tour are of creeping, but it was done with the knowledge that 3 weeks later I would be heading to the warm sunny skies of Europe! With May being spent off the bike consuming far too many family blocks of Nestle Crunch, and the first couple of weeks back on the bike being interupted with the bug that’s been going around, I’m envisaging a similar experience, without the pay off a month later :(

None the less, not having raced since the start of May, it’ll be good to get back into it, and to catch up with all the cool chicks that are racing. If I can recognise anyone under all the layers we’ll be wearing in the single digit forecasted weather…

Last years tour, the only time I think I’ve raced almost covered from head to toe!