Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Long time no blog

I’ve not had much to write about lately! Just trying to get fit again, been a bit sick, done some racing. Had a meltdown at one, and a heap of fun at another! It’s the way things go when you’re trying to get back in to form.

This last weekend however, was the best weekend I’ve had on the bike in a long time. Had a great day out on Saturday with a great bunch of people, and ticked off my first ever Sorrento return trip.

It was a stunning day (as good as it can get for the coldest month of the year..) and a heap of fun.

There was even some horsing around…

Then I backed that up on Sunday with my first off road adventure. The Dirty Deeds Urban CX Series has been building up a following in Melbourne, and I went along to watch last month. It looked like a tonne of fun, so I set about finding myself a ‘cross bike to borrow so I could get muddy at the next one!

Photo Stolen from Facebook

There was a lot of mud, there were several ‘OH CRAP’ moments thinking I was going to stack it, and there was 40 minutes of PAIN! All for 9.9kms of racing! Running up muddy hills, flying mounts and dismounts, jumping barriers, trying to figure out how the hell to use MTB pedals, it’s all a part of the CX fun.

I’m happy to report I came away with the Womens CX Category Win, but it was a hard fight and I couldn’t let up for a minute. Well done to the other girls racing! Especially SKCC Dev Squad Member Nadine Le Mescam for pushing the pace right from the start, but unfortunately she stacked on the last lap to get overtaken, still got 3rd though which is awesome! We’re definitely in the minority, but hopefully some more will be encouraged to come out and play in the mud.

I’m already keen for the next one, and am hoping I can work on my appalling technical skills to help me go that bit faster. That, plus starting up the front instead of the 2nd back row, I hope will give me a chance at finishing on the same lap as the Men’s B winners. Maybe even try for a top 10!

Big big ups to all of the sponsors, organisors, and everyone involved in putting the race together. A lot of work goes in to the race, the reports, the course!! If it weren't for all these guys the almost 200 strong field couldn't have competed.