Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Sometimes the hardest choice to make, is to just stop. To forget your obligations, commitments & the feelings of letting other people down, and to put yourself first.
Interestingly, I find it easy to advise others to do this, but when it comes to myself, I ignore my own (great) advice. "Do as I say, not as I do" type of thing. Well, this weekend I had to stop and listen. Hit with a virus that struck at 4am on Saturday, which had me feeling like I had the Worst Hangover in the World, without having had the enjoyment of the night out prior.

I lay there at 10pm that night, barely able to move, still contemplating how I was going to pack my bike in time to leave at 6am for a flight to Tas the next day. The answer was that I wasn't going to be able to.

Thanks to the understanding of my Team Manager Liz, the race organisors & my Teammates - Kate, Jo, Lizzie & Jess - who I still feel I've let down, I was able to focus on getting better. It's now 4 days later, and I've only just managed to go for a ride today, so I can only imagine the damage had I tried to race Sunday evening. Without me, the girls still pulled off a great race, finishing with Lizzie taking 3rd and climbing us closer and closer back up to the top step of the podium!
Now it's time to rebuild in time for the LSL Supercrit at SKCC on Sunday, where the Women's race has a huge $10,500 in prize money thanks to Anchor Point Village & Liv/Giant. We've got a strong team, but the field is also extremely competitive, and I can't wait to get my race nails painted again and to help the team battle it out!

If you're in the area, head down to White St, Port Melbourne for the 11.30 start to see some of Australia's best female cyclists duke it out! http://lslsupercrit.com.au/

And while you're in blog reading mode, catch up on everything happening with my team this summer over here! - http://specializedsecuritor.blogspot.com.au/

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