Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The season's are changing - Cross is coming!

Sitting in bed all day today, trying to ward off the beginnings of the first cold I'll have had in a very very long time, I thought it was time for an update. There's only so much of a story that Instagram photo's & tweets can tell!

My road season pretty much wrapped up after I raced the BC Superweek series of races, in and around Vancouver. This was early July, which I can't believe was already 2 months ago, but hey, time flies when you're having fun - right?!Originally the plan was to finish off the season with the last of the USA crits series in August, however because I'd been struggling with form and having a hard time with racing, I decided to pull the plug and reset.

Abigail & I waiting out the storm that was about to hit during our GA State Champs Crit.
 I have done a few smaller/more local races around Georgia and South Carolina, however every week the amount of riding I've done has gone down, and I'm really going with the 'less is more' philosophy. The real test of that comes in just 2 days time, where I will line up on the start line of Cross Vegas. The highest ranked CX race, outside of Europe, with the biggest and strongest field they've ever had. And I haven't raced CX since the Rapha Supercross 2 years ago, when I borrowed Straussy's Surly 5 minutes before the start of the race and jumped on in. Before that, I did about 4 CX races in 2011, only the 2nd year that cross was even raced in Aus! Talk about throwing myself in the deep end, however that's how I roll - just check my 2010 archives where I raced in Europe after only 1 ever NRS race.. I'm hoping this one is a bit more fun than Krasna Lipa though..

Supercross, 2012, The last time I raced CX!
What are my plans, when I get home? I don't know for sure. There will be working involved, settling down again and getting in to a routine. I will ride, and run, and exercise, but I'm not going to lock myself in to any commitments to race any big races. Not yet anyway. Outside of the adventures and laughs with my team mates, racing hasn't been fun for me since my accident at the start of the year. If it's not fun, then why do it?
Riding in Colorado - Shorts, Sleeves, Socks - All rolled for maximum tanning.

So, I'll do another update, along with the biggest list of thanks ever, after Cross Vegas..

Until then

Fellow 'Dowd Hotel' resident, Anita and I after a nice pedal in the GA heat

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Need to catch up for a spin when you get back!