Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Where has the time gone? 3 weeks in the US already!

It's hard to believe that I left Aus 3 weeks ago.. Since being here I've already raced 6 times, across 3 different states, spent about 25-30 hours in the car traveling to said races, met some amazing people and ridden in some beautiful places!

Instead of a blow by blow, here's more of a picture blog - 

My new training grounds, just outside of Athens Georgia. Beautiful country roads everywhere!

The 'pond' out the back of where I'm living.

The view from out the back deck. Such a great spot, I love it here!

First ride, first coffee stop. Jittery Joes, an Athens institution!

First ride with the team, pre Charlotte Crit

Whole Foods = Heaven.

I've been so luck to have been able to stay with some amazing host families already. The Tussey's from Winston Salem had a beautiful house, set on a Golf Course.

The Men's & Women's race are run on the same courses right after each other. It means the fans get to see more racing and the festival can be made much bigger!

It's ok, I've found my favourite apples!

Cafe/Bakery in Winston Salem, needless to say, this is where most of the riders ended up.

Some dirt road action out the back of Watkinsville

Chipolte! YES!
Posing at the Athens Twilight Crit, watching the men's race.
Big group shot from pre Athens Twilight Dinner!
The Twilight weekend contingent at the Dowd Hostel for itinerant cyclists

Blue skies, smooth roads = happy cyclist

Up next is the rest of 'Speed Week'. There's 3 more races to go, and whilst I'm still struggling a little with my post accident phobia of being in the bunch, I'm hopeful that things will keep improving with each race!

From there we have a bit of a break in our racing schedule, and I'm super excited to get some time at 'home', suss out the local riding a bit more and do more than just a few 1-2hr reco rides. Really keen to head up north a little to ride some of the Georgia Mountains with some of my awesome team mates!

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