Thursday, August 29, 2013

Oceania Champion & Racing Worlds..

I wasn't really sure what to write about this subject.. It's been a bit of a surprise followed by a stressful few weeks with leaving my team, organising a bike, organising guest rides for upcoming races, and then planning to get to them. It’s all left me a little frazzled.

There will be a few people surprised to see my name on the list, because to be honest, it’s not like I’ve had a stellar season here in Europe. But I didn’t know this was coming. My season wasn’t structured to plan for this, and my focus wasn’t on making the team this year. I wanted to come here, experience a season as a full time cyclist in Europe, and learn the ropes as much as I could. So how did this come about?

Basically, back in March when I finished 2nd at the Oceania Road Champs, I was actually the first Oceania resident to finish. This was only established a few months after the fact, and therefore not really communicated to anyone, including myself. I started hearing things when the rumors over who would be selected for the Long List for worlds started circulating which was late July.. A quick email and it was confirmed that I was in fact the Oceania Champion, and as such had automatically qualified for a much coveted position on the long list. On top of this, there is actually a place at the World Championships race reserved specifically for me on top of the 7 others that Australia has qualified for. However this does not mean I will be going. I still have to be selected to be a part of the team. I have to prove I won’t be a dead weight and am able to contribute to the team objective and make an impact on the race.

I think I can do it given the chance, the support, and the opportunity to do so. To race for Australia, to help the team to win the Worlds, that’s motivation enough. I don’t care if the job given to me means I’ll be out of the race within the first 30k. None of that matters. I know what it feels like to win races as a part of a team, and for some reason it seems to drive me more when I have the team goal to work for.

So for the next few weeks I’m trying to race as much as I can to prove I can do it. The clock is ticking, and being that the parameters around selection are tough in an environment where you’re basically going it alone; I’m pushing the proverbial uphill to do it. But it won’t stop me trying.. 

I have to finish by again saying a HUGE thank you to Specialized Australia & Europe for helping me out whilst I've been here. Their support has been invaluable and I only hope to repay them and make them proud!


Colin said...

Good luck Amy I hope your dreams come true

Claire Thomas said...

Good luck Amy xxx