Thursday, February 9, 2012

Starting the year off right.

I’ve left this so long it’ll take a few updates I think.. Part 1.

So this year I decided to tackle things a little different to last, and skipped the Bay Crits in favour of a training camp in Falls Creek with Tribal and my Coach Stu. It was one of the best weeks. Great company, great food, great weather and some really great riding. I do love riding around Bright, although it sometimes might not seem like it when I'm complaining about all the hills!

We did a few big days, but didn’t overdo it with Nationals only a week away. The focus for me was on recovering properly. Ice Baths, food, stretching etc. All those things that get neglected when you have to get to work straight after your training sessions!

Coming home was a bit sad, as the holiday was over, but I was keen to race. Nationals started on Thursday with the Criterium.. Being a hot dog with one side up hill, I’d heard that the race was going to be tough. For me the goal was to just hang in there and finish the race and use it as a hit out before the Road Race on Saturday. First goal of the year - Achieved. I finished the race, felt good, and was feeling confident for the Road Race.

Beautiful Falls Creek

Friday was spent in Ballarat, an easy spin with the girls and Stu around the lake, a big breakfast and plenty of cafe time. There was an afternoon filled with lazing on the couch, and I even took myself off to a local Hairdresser and got my hair done! Much needed as well as being good to occupy the time and cause a distraction. Plus I think anything that makes you feel good about yourself is going to help with the confidence!
A race isn't complete without the appropriate Race Jewellry

Soon enough, Saturday rolled around, but the waiting game was still on with our race not until 1.30pm. The U23 boys were on in the morning, so following the race via twitter was fun with the feet up on the couch trying to eat the right amount of food. Enough to fuel, but not so much you feel like a slug! It's harder than it sounds when you're the sort of person who eats when they're bored.. I contained myself though, and eventually it was time to roll out to the course. Super swanny Daphne had taken out our race wheels and drinks, so Carly and I pedalled out to the course to get the day underway.

Before we knew it, it was time to sign on and line up on the start line. A few minutes of anxiousness and we were away. We turned onto the highway and things were lit up from the start! The pace was being driven by a rider from the Spencers/RACE team, and looking back at the data, it was the hardest of the first 6 laps. I felt ok though, and knew I'd warm in to the race. The descent was FAST, and I was losing my position in the bunch each time as I just didn't feel comfortable. I trust myself going downhill, but I don't trust others. Something I really need to get out of my head for future races. It meant that each lap I had to regain my position in the top half of the pack on the hill which caused unnecessary effort.

I even made it in the Herald Sun......
Things progressed like this for the next 5 laps, until a real attack went at the top of the climb the 6th time. This hurt a few people, including myself, but I stayed in contact and all was ok. Rounding the first corner to hit the hill for the 7th time, I was moving up the outside of the bunch when the girl in front of me veered suddenly. Suffering a bit of fatigue, my reflexes weren’t all there and I went straight into a ‘safety’ cone. Stunned and a bit sore, I was helped up and my bike given the once over, and I was back on the course. I wanted to finish. With my hip hurting I tried to just focus on the bunch up the road until they were out of sight around the corner, and teamed up with a couple of girls who had unfortunately had a crash just a few hundred metres further up in the feed zone. The race winning attacks had started further up though, and with me limping on the bike and losing most of the power from my right leg, the chase was fruitless. Stopping wasn’t an option though, and thankfully I was caught by Melina who helped to motivate/drag me to the finish line.

Whilst in pain, I was happy. I’d achieved my goal. Regardless of what ‘might have been’, I just have to remember that. And also remember… There’s always next year.

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