Friday, December 9, 2011

Things don't always go to plan.

So this weekend just gone was the annual trek to the Victorian High Country for the Tour of Bright.

The car was packed -
 The (very cool) numbers were picked up and pinned on -

The bike's were all dressed and ready to rumble -

And then I woke up on Race Morning and the illness I'd been trying to hold off all week had completely taken hold.

It's fair to say that I was miserable. I'd been looking forward to racing for weeks, and to end up barely able to roll up to the start of the race to see the girls off was devastating.
I ended up spending the weekend trying not to pass on my germs, and helping out those that were still racing. Along with trying to sleep as much as possible to get better.

It's now almost a week later, and I'm still sick. I've hardly ridden my bike and I'm just trying to stay positive with only 4 weeks left until Nationals.. Fingers crossed I get better soon!


stuarttriguy said...

Amy Bardley that is sad to hear! Whats news dude?
One question WHY arnt I on your blog roll on the side? as if you havent got a link to my blog on there! I have one to yours!
We even used to work together! get onto it asap! Cheers

Aimz said...

Hah! I've fixed it for you dear :)

stuarttriguy said...

Thankyou kind amy