Friday, May 6, 2011

Canberra - The Road Trip & A Pictorial

First, there's the most essential part of both a long Journey, and a multi day race - my new 2XU Compression Leggings! Full leg compression without the restriciveness when you want to sleep in them.

The first part of my journey to Canberra involved a detour through Bairnsdale for my Dad's 60th Birthday. The obligitory Whopper was purchased in Traralgon on the way through, always one of the things he looks forward to most when I drive down! A meal at the local RSL, followed by a night of his favourite past time Poker, where the locals treated him to a yum choccy cake!

The next morning I set off in sunny skies, then the weather started turning south and I spent a lot of the journey ticking off the signs to Canberra with the wipers on. Crossed 2 borders to get to the land of Porn and Fireworks!

Once there it was time to put the race faces on. We spent a fair chunk of time like this, warming up, cooling down, focusing on the task ahead.

And right from the start, SUCCESS! Loren took out the Sprint and Leaders Jersey in the stage 1 Criterium.

The VIS were intent on making us jealous with their AIS Dining Hall & 'Reco' Centre access, but we think we improvised just fine!
(Check out the VIS's adventures over here - Lisa Jacobs - Ride Happy )


There were many happy smiling faces after the tour was over!

I'd put up some pictures of the trip home, however I didn't think photographic evidence of the amount of Maccas I consumed was a wise move.

I have mixed feelings about the weekend. I couldn't seem to get my head switched on. The legs just weren't there and I was 'head cracked' for a good portion of the weekend. I improved on last years Canberra Tour, but I feel I didn't do as well as I did in Mersey Valley. I had a great weekend with the Bundy chicks though, and can't wait to race with them again when I head back up the Hume for the Winter Canberra Tour!

If you want a see a blow by blow of the race, there's one coming out in the SKCC Newsletter which will be available on their website - SKCC
Or our Team Leader for the Tour Loren Rowney's account here - Bundaberg Sugar
Local Canberrian and all round cool chick Miffy's take on it here - Miffy G

For now, I'm on to a break. 3 weeks off! Although I AM doing the Phillip Island Womens Kermesse tomorrow. Not expecting much after starting back running and feeling like an 80 year old from the DOMs! But I like to support the races that put on Womens Grades. If we don't race them, they won't have them!

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