Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What a big weekend!

So 2 weeks ago it was the Oceania Champs in Dookie, near Shepparton. You can read my race wrap up and see a couple of great shots from here -

Some more pics from after the race thanks to Juzzy!

Me, Ingrid and Juzzy with the Oceania's Cow!

SKCC Chicks - Ingrid, Jo, me & Juzzy!
After I had the Ambo's patch up my elbow from my fall in the morning's race, and I waved goodbye to Nikki who was off back to Melbourne to catch a flight home, I hot footed it to the car and down to Mansfield.

In my infinite wisdom I thought a double race day would be perfect training for stage races, and had entered the Tour de Flavour Mansfield Criterium that afternoon, then followed by the Mansfield to Mount Buller Road Race the following day (48, 90% uphill!)

So to the Crit. There was a small womens field, with only 8 starters. One of the girls had also raced Oci's that morning, but in the JR19 Race which was 40k shorter than mine! I rolled around the course to warm up, and the legs didn't feel toooooo bad. No real effort though, so I wasnt sure how I'd go if the pace was on. A technical course, in a T shape, with a long finishing straight with a roundabout in the middle. With 30 Mins + 3 Laps to race, and in intermediate sprint at some point, the goal was to test the legs, and not do too much work. In the end there were 2 of us that were the stronger ones setting the pace, with Lauretta taking out the sprint. I tried to get away on the last lap, but it wasn't to be and Lauretta ended up sprinting past me and I got 2nd.

The next morning was a crisp mountain air morning, all set to be a cracker of a day for the race from Mansfield to the top of Mt Buller. Having never ridden the climb before, I was looking forward to ticking it off the list of Aus climbs to do, and if the legs felt ok, have a dig at trying to stay with Jo Hogan and Emma Mackie on the climb for as long as possible. Well, the previous day took it's toll, with not enough food, not enough water, not enough sleep & possibly starting to come down with some bug, and I was instantly in the box. As soon as we hit the base of the climb I felt awful. Dropping off the bunch, I just wanted to make it to the top. Despite all the food I'd downed that morning, I felt like I was hunger flatting the whole way. I felt sick. But, proud to say that I stuck it out and made it to the top, and then just about fell off my bike! Thank goodness for everyone up top helping me out and then getting a lift off the mountain.

Having just read that, it sounds like a bunch of excuses, and yeah, it is. Having said that, I've NEVER felt that bad before, and don't ever want to experience it again!

The following week I was in a bit of a hole. Stuffy nose and not feeling good on the bike at all, so I tried to take it easy for a few days before another weekend of racing!

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