Sunday, February 20, 2011

And we're off!

A pictorial post, for a lazy Sunday afternoon..

1 more sleep until we're off on one of these -

Destination? -

Apparently I might come across some of these?

Going to do a bit of this -

Over some of these (just hopefully not snowy..) -

Might check out some of the locals -

And when the week is done? Definitely some of these -


pmark1bike said...

Good luck Amy, kick some Kiwi butt!!

marion said...

hey Amy! so much to do in new zed! If youre on the south island hike the able taz, check out the whales, dolphins, hike through the mt joseph glacier, boatride up milford sound....check out hot water beach if youre on the north island-will be good recupe after a hard stage!
kick some arse girl!

SKCC said...

Morning AB - good luck, enjoy it, stay upright and strong and keep us posted - x LG