Sunday, January 17, 2010

Things don't always go the way you want them to..

Well, it's been almost 2 weeks since the Bay Crits, and things haven't gone the way I would have liked.

Post Bay Crits I've been back to being tired, having a high resting HR, and clearly proven that I'm not quite over this glandular fever business yet. Which sucks! Because The Year of Me started on Monday! I've started working for Degani, which is already awesome. Learning lots of new things and it's going to be a big challenge having gone from being in the same company and job for almost 5 years, to doing something completely different. It's a challenge I'm totally looking forward to though because I was bored at PMP. I was stale and over it and needed something new.

The problem is I've had soooo much more spare time to ride my bike, and I haven't been able to. And it's frustrating me. The thing I have to keep focusing on though, is that it will get better, and having this extra time to rest is probably a good thing for me. In the mean time i've regoogled Glandular Fever and the Athlete, Infectious Mononucleosis and the Athlete and anything else I could come up with AGAIN, and not really learnt anything new. I have to Rest.
I saw Rosi for a massage this week, she told me to rest too. Actually, she told me to pull my head in because I need to rest and stop overdoing it. So I kind of listened to her, and waited an extra day after my resting HR got back to normal before I got back on the bike again... It wasn't the 5 days she told me I needed, but it was better than what I would have done before!!

Going to see another Doctor on Monday, just for an extra opinion. I figure the more people I speak to about this, the more chance i've got of getting to where I need to be.. Healthy. So for now the plan is just to take things easy. All going well I'll get in a race at Sandown tomorrow night, then if I pull up ok from that I'll get to start in the Elite Womens Crit which is a part of the Tour Down Under in Adelaide. Even if I don't get to race, i'm looking forward to getting to see the Tour!! YAY!!

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